Cristina García

Young Readers:
The Dog Who Loved the Moon

The Dog Who Loved the Moon


“The Dog Who Loved the Moon is a departure for acclaimed Cuban novelist Cristina García… and her lighthearted story of love and frivolity is a welcome treat for children and their parents. García’s inviting prose, peppered with Spanish and rich with detail, brings readers into Pilar’s world; and the stylized and playful illustrations… truly bring it to life.”
PaperTigers review

“Every evening, Pilar puts on her pink slippers and dances, but her cute puppy, Paco, never joins in. Instead, he stares longingly at the moon, howling when it’s full until the neighbors complain. If only Pilar could give Paco the moon. Then during Pilar’s birthday fiesta, the joy created by her family’s festive music and dancing seems to reach all the way to la luna, and it seems as if Pilar might get her wish. In her children’s book debut, García, author of the adult novel Dreaming in Cuban (1992), offers a warm portrayal of a lively, close-knit Cuban community in a creative story filled with magic and folktale flavor. The descriptive, somewhat lengthy narrative incorporates Spanish terms, defined in context. The vibrant digital art fills the pages with whimsically rendered cartoonlike characters and settings, playfully angled views, and brightly colored details, including the magical moon. An entertaining, upbeat tale that celebrates community, family, traditions, a canine best friend, and the joyful rewards of music and dance.” Grades K-3.”
— Booklist


For ages 4-8

Pilar received two gifts for her birthday: a pair of dancing shoes, and a little white puppy, named Paco after her favorite uncle. Pilar loves Paco, even more than she loves dancing to the beat of her Tio Paco’s drum. And Paco loves to dance with Pilar. But Pilar starts to notice that when the sun goes down, Paco never wants to dance. All he does is lie around and howl at the moon. “He’s in love,” says Chachi, Tio Paco’s new girlfriend. “With whom?” everyone wonders. But Pilar has a suspicion, and she has a plan. And on her birthday, she and her family are going to make Paco’s wish come true.

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